What If Microgreens

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1st Nov 2022 Tuesday 10-12:30pm (via Zoom)

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Dina – the Herbalist
As An Ex-Corporate Executive, I Was Juggling Work, Family, And Emotional Health. One Day, My Body Started Deteriorating And Causing Discomfort.

In Addition, Taking Care Of My Two Beloved Children Who Get Sick A Lot When They Are Born Took A Huge Toll On Me Both Physically, Mentally & Emotionally.

It Was Then I Began My Search For A Solution.

With My Research, I Discovered Food, Nutrition, And Most Importantly, Microgreens, Which Greatly Improved My Kids’ Health, As Well As My Mental And Emotional Well-Being.

With That, I Started Sharing This With My Closest Family And Friends, And Have Saw Similar Results. It Was Then That I Began A Journey To Help More People Who Were In Similar Situations And Want To Let Them Know That They Are Not Alone Anymore.

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